Authentication issue

Hello, i got a customer that have just upgraded to a new SuperOffice Online license from a on premise one.

and when they are trying to authorize the application they are redirected to a extra custom login page where they provide the same username and password.

this is only happening for this one customer so far and all others that uses online does not have this behaviour and our sod account doesnt have this behaviour either.

needless to say that i need to figure out what this could be and how to proceed, i have tryed to search the forums and look for new features but i havent seen anything that resembles my issue so any advice where to start would be greatly appriciated.

/ Tomas Helmroos

RE: Authentication issue

Hi Tomas,

Is this an actual request for assistance, or simply a complaint about the migration process of SuperOffice customer from on-site to online?

Does your application require different web-panel URL's for onsite vs. online customers? Since SuperOffice does not do redirects to custom login pages, is it unfair to assume it is your application that is doing this?

Are the web panels urls for working customers the same as the one customer that it is not?

Do you have any browser network trace logs?

Best regards.


Av: Tony Yates 11. jan 2019

RE: Authentication issue

Hello Tony,

it would be assistance help. currently all i know is after they type in the username and password to superoffice the normal login they are redirected to thier own site where they need to log in again. this is nothing the application does as it only requires you to authorize the normal way but for this customer its behaving like this.


so i was wondering if the login process had changed or if there is an option in your account to have like a double login.


i have no logs what so ever as it doesnt happen on our server this redirect all i can see that we open up

how ever as i said when the initial login happens its redirected to a diffrent site that we havent provided for an extra login page so they whole connection is not getting complited.


this happens to 1 customer so far out of hundres


only known diffrence is that this is a newly migrated customer

Av: Tomas Helmroos 11. jan 2019

RE: Authentication issue

Contact our support, they may be able to get logfiles or contact Online Operations when they have the customer information


Av: Margrethe Romnes 11. jan 2019

RE: Authentication issue

Based on the quick look I had at the support ticket, the customer is using federated authentication and the are sent to Microsoft for authentication

If you are not already part of the beta programs, register so you may take a look at SuperOffice Online federated login (SuperID)


Av: Margrethe Romnes 15. jan 2019

RE: Authentication issue

Thank you Margerete, this is what i was looking for

Av: Tomas Helmroos 15. jan 2019