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Is it possible to use Azure servers to host the database and the webservice used in the database mirroring service for superoffice online?

RE: Database mirroring - Azure

Yes, we have apps that are hosted on Azure and use database mirroring. You will have to override where the certificates are located (in a folder and not installed on the server), but that is just a setting in your web.config.

Av: Margrethe Romnes 2. jul 2019

RE: Database mirroring - Azure

alright, great!


Av: Gabriel Wiig 2. jul 2019

RE: Database mirroring - Azure

i guess it has to be a virtual server ?

are there any system requirements for it?

Av: Gabriel Wiig 10. jul 2019

RE: Database mirroring - Azure

Hi Gabriel, 

The requirements are detailed in this article:


  • You have a SOAP web service to receive the database seed and changes (nuget package to help get started - details at the end of the article)
  • You have certificates in place to validate authentication
  • You have a MS SQL Server database behind the webservice to contain the mirrored database

Hope this helps.

Av: Tony Yates 10. jul 2019