FYI: GDPR - Create your own Consent source

It's just 97 days left to May 25th and if you have or plan an app for our App Store, the time to make sure the app is compliant is here.

Most apps today use Services75, and you need to let us know if we should enable more endpoints. For the GDPR functionallity you need Services84, and we can't change this without your knowledge as it will generate errors if your code is not prepared for it.

If your app creates persons inside the SuperOffice database you may want to add your own consent source. Use SaveConsentSource() to make your own, make sure the name an key is filled and unique. The key-field must satisfy: Regex.IsMatch(consentSource.Key, @"^[A-Za-z0-9]+$") or NetServer will give you an error.

Note - # will be removed from all listitems in the next release, this means all Listitems in:


  • Consent - Purposes - Purpose ID
    Key changes from e.g #STORE to STORE

Lists -

  • Privacy - Source - Key on each listitem
    Key changes from e.g #61A to 61A
  • Privacy - Legal basis - Key on each listitem.
    Key changes from e.g #Api to Api

It is also not possible to change key of delete one of the standard sources.

Want us to enable Services84 on your app in SOD?

Send an email to and include the application identifier.

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