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GUI web panel, Open URL in same window



I´m trying to create a GUI web panel, that will link to a URL and I wan´t it to open it in the same tab and get redirected to that page. 

So I would like to press a button in SuperOffice and then get moved to an other URL and not have it opend in a new tab. 


How do I do this?


// Samuel 


RE: GUI web panel, Open URL in same window

Hi Samuel

I can't understand what you are trying to accomplish.

Can you please describe in another way what you want to accomplish?


Av: Thomas Kragh 4. des 2019

RE: GUI web panel, Open URL in same window

Hi Thomas.

What I´m trying to do is to set up a web panel that will link from SuperOffice to a 3 party site.
It should not open in an iframe but redirect me to another site.
As far as I understand there should be a way to alter the URL to the website in Admin for the GUI and this should trigger the link to send you to the new site in the same tab instead of open in a new tab.


Av: Samuel Holmström 5. des 2019

RE: GUI web panel, Open URL in same window


This can't be done in SuperOffice.

What you will have to do is the following.

Create a site with a javascript/jquery script that will open a new page and lunch the user into the 3rd party site, and add your site as a webpanel.

SuperOffice -> YourHtml that on load opens a new tab to your 3rd party site = 2 tabs open, SuperOffice and the 3rd party site

5 min jobs top, let me know if you need more assistance

Pär Pettersson

Av: Pär Pettersson 11. des 2019