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I've been trying to find the correct IP-range to whitelist for communication between Online (both prod and sod) and an local webservice. 
I found some posts regarding this:­st/ 

But in these threads the IP differs (and some report it suddenly changed). 
Is there a list somewhere for the IPs for PRODUCTION and SOD? 


RE: Online IP-range

Hi Eivind,

Guess those old threads should be closed/marked as obsolete, we no longer recommend using IP security:

Any reason why you'll need them, as they are subject to change?

Av: Margrethe Romnes 15. okt 2019

RE: Online IP-range


Well, we are in the process of developing a custom-integration and was considdering using CRMscripts to send 'stuff' to the external app. They require IP-filtering for accessing their application, so I guess I will create the 'glue' between the customer API and SuperOffice with a custom app instead. 

Btw, is there still a memory restriction on 5MB on running CRMscripts? So things like exporing documtents etc with CRMscript is a 'no-go' (documents can get pretty big). 

Thank you for a quick response :)


Av: Eivind Johan Fasting 15. okt 2019