SOD: Have you experienced problems with WebApi / webhooks the last week?

Hi all,

we need feedback from you as a SOD developer if you are working on an app that have access to webhooks and you have been having problems this last week. 

If you are running version Release84_C-2019.01.18-01 (check Help - About when logged in to the webclient) then all is OK in SOD (and production), but we have been working hard in the patch release to fix two issues which affected Zapier and possibly partners:

  • Webhooks don't work (due to a missing dependency not found)
  • Web API doesn't work when timezone is specified (due to Online being multi-tenant, and the database and caches not being accessible after log-out). This breaks Zapier integration (which needs UTC times).

We would really like help to verify that there are no issues left in the patch release that will affect partners who depend on the webhooks, so please contact if you want to verify this before this version hits production. 

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