"The application should harvest the values from window.location here"?


when creating a new custom app here, the default redirect url will be set to 


The page you end up at looks like this:


I'm curious, what is the intended way to use this page?

For our apps we've got a custom redirect URL pointing to our app, but it would be interresting to understand what possibilites this default URL gives us.

RE: "The application should harvest the values from window.location here"?

I use it when no other redirect urls have been specified by the person filling in the form to get a new app.

It's for partner applications that wish to extract the access token in javascript(window.location). One type of these partner applications are browser extensions. These have no server-component, but still wish to have a deterministic redirect-url where the authentication response can be found in HTML/Javascript. 

The extension can then inject a content script into {environment}.superoffice.com/login/final/{application_identifier}. The content script parses the values from window.location and passes the results back to the extension. It is the extension that is responsible for further processing. SuperId will NOT redirect further from the final url. 

The partner application must register the redirect uri in OC as https://{environment}.superoffice.com/login/final/{application_identifier}. 

Av: Margrethe Romnes 12. des 2019