Delivery address for Quote

Hi all

Our SuperOffice Online customer sometimes needs another company in the delivery address on the Quote, other than the buying company. In the cases where the buying customer isn´t the using customer, they need to put in a different address manually.

I have tried to change the address format to "Other", which gives 3 address lines, and makes it possible to type in the company in address 1 and the company address in line 2 and zipcode and city in line 3.

But the customer wants integration with their ERP,  and when invoice and delivery are from the same company, the address lines are filled in line 1 address and 2 zipcode and city, but when the companies and addresses are different the adress are filled in both line 1 company name, 2 address, 3 zipcode and city. I guess it will mean a problem with the integration of delivery address to ERP.

How would you solve it?

RE: Delivery address for Quote

Hi Susan,

I can not help you making this work at the moment (but maybe someone else in this forum can), but I know there's a wish registered for this:



Av: Henk Schepers 15. feb 2019