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Edit Right-Click menu on salesguide suggested documents

Hi Everyone. I'm trying to figure out how i can add another entry to this particular right click menu in order to expand the functionality. I've figured out that the file it seems like i need to edit / merge is SoMenuConfiguration.config, as i found code for corresponding menu items - for both sales and project guide;

<menuitem id="archivecreate" type="normal" trackingId="guidearchivelist.appointment.createAnotherSuggestion">
          <sentry-right tableright="HasInsert" type="disable">appointment</sentry-right>

So i tried adding a new menuitem element under that, but nothing seems to change inside superoffice. Is there anything im missing?


Thanks in advance :)

RE: Edit Right-Click menu on salesguide suggested documents

Hi Dennis,

The Web Application documentation details how to create normal archive context menu items.

The sale and project guides a little special in that the context attribute, while contains archivelist - detailed in the docs, must actually be guidearchivelist. 

Here are a list of guide content menu containers:

context="guidearchivelist" subcontext="appointment"

context="guidearchivelist" subcontext="document"

context="guidearchivelist" subcontext="suggestedappointment"

context="guidearchivelist" subcontext="suggesteddocument"

context="projguidearchivelist" subcontext="appointment"


If the menuitem does not appear, make sure to issue a ?flush to purge the cached pages, or turn off caching during development by setting CacheConfiguration to false.


Hope this helps!

Av: Tony Yates 8. nov 2019

RE: Edit Right-Click menu on salesguide suggested documents

Hi Tony, thanks for the suggestion i'll give it a try :)

Av: Dennis Aagaard Mortensgaard 14. nov 2019