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Execute CRM Script - REST API - Failing on Client site


We have a problem where we are calling Agents/CRMScript/ExecuteScript from a client site.

The call works fine on several of our development enviroments, but as soon as we install it on a Live clients site, we get a problem.

Please see below the screen shot of us trying to call it, using postman:

We can call CRMScript/GetCRMScriptEntity with no errors, but do also get the same error when we call Agents/CRMScript/ValidateScript.

It seems like there is a restircion but we cannot see where this may be.

This is causing us a lot of frustration and our client is really very keen we resolve thisd ASAP, so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.



RE: Execute CRM Script - REST API - Failing on Client site

My initial guess is that the symmetric keys in web.config of the NetServer your using, is not the same as in the config file for CS.

Or, NetServer does not have network access to CS (the call which fails for you, is using the facade system, which means that NeteServer contacts CS (calling ajax.exe/fcgi) over HTTP(S).

Av: Stian Andre Olsen 13. mai 2020

RE: Execute CRM Script - REST API - Failing on Client site


We have just checked and the symmetric keys where diffderent!

We have resolved this and it is now working :)

Thankyou very much for your speedy and helpful reply, it is very much appreciated!




Av: Rich Hacker 13. mai 2020