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Linked list fields


Is there a way to link two list field such that selection of an entry in one field narrows available items of the other? For instance, there is a field "region" containing entries "Americas", "Eastern Europe", "Western Europe"; and a second field "country". Both are user defined list fields. If the user selects "Eastern Europe" then country should only allow those countries, and not "Canada", "Australia", "Spain", "United States" for instance. The filter should apply dynamically on the page, i.e. by JavaScript.

Problem is, I do not get access to the list box, and I do not manage to inspect them in the browser. Entries seem to be added if I click the dropdown. The element disappears right after I click somewhere else.

Any ideas?


RE: Linked list fields

Hi Marc,

Sent you an email about this. 

Best regards!

Av: Tony Yates 13. apr 2018

RE: Linked list fields

I would be interesting in hearing about this as well :). Did you find a solution?

Av: Kasper Rosenlund 23. apr 2018