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SO Selections (including selections of activities) and google maps: existing solutions available

Have an on-premise (mostly with web clients) customer who’s service deliveries covers a big geographical area.  These service deliveries are often (but not always) full day, or even multi day events. A service manager role with support, books/schedules service in SO on behalf of users, or, users may book on their own.

Providing a visual representation of service calls on top of a google map, with visual representations based on user and/or date as overlay with a popup for details, based on a selection of for example:

All activities where type = onsite service and date = next week can be exported and, that can again be imported in google maps with differential layering, and styled by either user or date: something like:


This is therefore a manual approach, simply to clarify ideal end result and is obviously not particularly user friendly (updating/adding a new item will mean having to redo export/import and creating new map)

In addition: Service calls scheduled for a full day may take considerable less time to complete (as these are often repairs), so, a overlay of another selection pinpointing other accounts in the geographical area that can be visited without prior appointment wold be called for.

The existing google map solutions that are readily available from app partners maps based on selections of companies only, and have no controls for coding other than category, and other tools that I was once introduced to seems to have been discontinued.

Anyone with ideas or knows what partners may offer a capability along these lines.


RE: SO Selections (including selections of activities) and google maps: existing solutions available

Hi Erik,

I think we can help you to create an custom App  to map your requirements to a Geographic information system (GIS).

We mainly focused on agriculture and crop-fields projection with GIS maps and SuperOffice and have a GIS viewer that can incorporate several configurable map layers.

SuperOffice has fields to hold the long - latitude to pinpoint the geolocation of an address. The GIS viewer is capable to connect to Web or REST-services of SuperOffice to exchange data, this enables us to do almost anytihing with maps.

Let me know if you are interested.

Best regards,


Av: Mehmet Canavar 1. nov 2019