UDFs and format of prog ids


What is the format of prog id's? I tried to add couple of new udfs via admin interface and got error "The name contains invalid characters" for prog id. 

I'm doing integration so descriptive prog ids are beneficial for that.

After fiddling around prog ids, looks like a colon is required in prog id. Is that so and are there other restrictions?

RE: UDFs and format of prog ids



Starting SuperOffice 8 the format for ProgID has to be text:number

Av: Emilija Vilija Treciokaite 2. feb 2017

RE: UDFs and format of prog ids


Can the progid be set to your own liking, as long as it is the format of text:number ?

Or does it have to be Superoffice:3 ?

Av: Gabriel Wiig 12. des 2017

RE: UDFs and format of prog ids

The rule is changed to: ^a-zA-Z].*
The only requirement is that the progid starts with a letter A-Z or a-z
Bug id is marked as "Test failed" because:

Using: w; this value made admin crash: not possible to enter admin/udef after this progid was saved - user gets kicked out of admin/restarting
Using: a§!"#¤%&/()=?` this value made it impossible to open the udef field after it was saved

Av: Margrethe Romnes 12. des 2017