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Quote template


I has problems with template

When using «line/quantityUnit» i got decimal units in my template ex. 1,00 i need unly 1.

any has a ide to fix that

RE: Quote template

When using «line/quantityUnit» i got decimal units in my template ex. 1,00 i need unly 1.

Add a :0 on the end of the field name for no decimals.

«line/quantityUnit:0» will give you zero decimals.
«line/quantityUnit:2» will give you two decimals.

We support :0, :2 and :5 as decimal formatters


DateTime fields can be formatted using these suffixes:







Av: Christian Mogensen 27. mai 2015

RE: Quote template

Hi Christian Mogensen

I had try to change «line/quantityUnit» to «line/quantityUnit:0» and i still got two decimal.

any Ide?

Av: Brian Thenning 29. mai 2015

RE: Quote template

Did you just edit the tag in the document? That won't work.

You can't just edit the name between << >> -- you can modify it, but it won't affect the actual field name as far as Word is concerned.

You need to use the EDIT FIELD properties dialog and modify the merge field name there.

Av: Christian Mogensen 29. mai 2015

RE: Quote template

Thanks, Christian.

Av: Brian Thenning 1. jun 2015

RE: Quote template


this also worked really well for unit price for a customer too, but they have asked is there a way to restrict the decimal places per different product/ product type? I.e if they sell a machine they want it to 2dp but the ink they want to 5dp?

Av: Matt Cove 5. jun 2019

RE: Quote template

Hey Matt

I would love a solution for that as well.

Theoretically I think it should be possible to have an IF-statement inside the merge field saying that if the product category is Machine then display <<line/unitPrice:2>> or if not, check if the product category is Ink and then display  <<line/unitPrice:5>>

I have done this successfully when the if-statement checks for number values, but for some reason when there's character strings involved it doesn't seem to work. Not sure if it's a limitation in Word tables or if it's my syntax that has been wrong. A lot of this Word table/merge field stuff is documented in English only which makes it hard when the characters used in the if-statements seems to be different in Norwegian. Hopefully this is something to look into, and please let us know if you have any luck!

Av: Espen Steen 21. jun 2019