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Display message in ticket trigger

I am trying to display a popup message in a trigger "Request status changed".

EventData.setMessage() does not work:

Any ideas?


RE: Display message in ticket trigger

I don't think the Service screens are compatible with the message box. That'll only work in Web, so not where you change tickets.

Av: Frode Lillerud 5. feb 2020

RE: Display message in ticket trigger

exitWithMessage() might be what you want?


Av: Eirik Rusten 5. feb 2020

RE: Display message in ticket trigger

Hi Marc,


You can try to add an ejScript element in your screen and use the alert function in some inline script.

Here is some untested code, but I think you will manage.



$(function() {
         alert(\"This is a message"\");
     }, 50);

Av: Niels van Broekhoven 5. feb 2020

RE: Display message in ticket trigger


As other point out, the EventData.message does not work in this context. This is a bit similar to other development environments, such as javascript, where you have a standard event singleton containing contextual data, but depending on the context, not all properties are supported.

So, depending on which trigger you are using, various properties of the EventData will have or not have an effect. For instance, blockSave will not work in an "After save" trigger. It will not work for most triggers in Service either.

The triggers for when a Request property has been changed cannot influence the UI. If you want a warning for when the category has been changed, you need to modify the screen.


Av: Sverre Hjelm 5. feb 2020