Event after shipment/mailings finished

In SO 7 we hade the opportunity to use OnSelectionMailMergeEnd and do some magic with the members of the selections.

When i SO 8 we have to use mailings/shipments and create for instance a merge document to print (or mail shipment).

But I can't figure out how to trigger an event after the mailings is finished. 

It could be to update an udef field or an interest on the contact or person.

Can someone put me in the right direction?

RE: Event after shipment/mailings finished

Hi Ingar!

There might be an easier way to accomplish this, but the first thing that comes to mind is something like this:

Scheduled task (say every 15 minutes? Or less if it's not important that it is updated right away).

Check for completed Mailings. Update a field on the customers who received the mailing.

As for making sure you're not checking the same mailings over and over you need some kind of way of marking them as "done/updated" by the scheduled task.

The cleanest approach I can think of is creating some supporting extra table that keeps a register of which shipments have had their recipients flagged. This would also make it easy to uncheck a shipment and have it register again if something went wrong.


Again, this is just a quick "doodle", and not something I've made, but you asked for someone to point you in the right direction.

Av: Hans Wilhelmsen 8. jun 2017