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Extra data in mailings


Is it possible to incorporate data other than those available from [[PARSER_TREE]] in a mailing? Or is it possible to supplement the global parser before sending a mailing to incorporate additional data?

Customer wants to incorporate voucher codes from an extra table in a mailing and keep track of voucher usage by a tracked link. Each recipient of a mailing should see his or her voucher code as a clickable link, directly in the email.

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RE: Extra data in mailings


If you add voucher_code as an extra field on person, it will be available as a parser-variable in a mailing.


Av: Sverre Hjelm 28. jun 2019

RE: Extra data in mailings

Hi Sverre

Thanks for the nice and simple solution. It works fine. You can even use [[IF: to distinguish "priviledge" recipients that have a voucher code vs. others that do not, in the same mailing template. In source code:

<p>Welcome to our exhibition at Basel World 2019.</p>
<p>Click your voucher code <a href="[[spmLink44]]">[[customer.x_voucher_code]]</a> to get a 20% discount on all our exhibition products!</p>
<p>Best regards</p>

Best regards


Av: Marc Eberhard 30. jun 2019

RE: Extra data in mailings

Hi Marc,

I am happy it works for you. You could even simplify your code as we support the unequal operator ("!=")

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Av: Sverre Hjelm 1. jul 2019