How to change the link expired message in SuperOffice Service

Hi Everybody,


   I have gotten this wish / question from one of my users:

   How do we change the link expired and the message Click here to get a new link by e-mail?


I have looked around and found this folder:

where I saw this file updateSubscriptionsFrame.html having the actual text entries.

I changed the text entries, saved the file and did a iisreset but I couldn't see the change
when I started a new Internet Explorer browser in "in-private" mode with the expired link
from my e-mail box.

Yes, the text is in Danish and so is the SuperOffice Service installation.

The config table in the SuperOffice SQL database looks like this:


id text_path attachment_path template_path admin_mail default_mail panic_mail smtp_host smtp_port cgi_bin cgi_url gfx_url warning tag mailheader autologout simautologout flags debug_flags language mb_max_value mb_threshold mb_modifier version installed_at installed_by unique_id cgi_url_internal temp_license feature_toggle
1 E:\SuperOffice\Service\text E:\SuperOffice\Service\attachments E:\SuperOffice\Service\templates smtp://hidden /Service/scripts /gfx E:\SuperOffice\Service\log\warning JFM ID: (Please keep the subject when replying to this mail) 60 60 73794 0 dk 1210 10 600 8.4.0000.0 2019-10-01 13:03:52.000 hidden hidden hidden NULL


I know the config table looks a bit messed up in here.
I wasn't able to upload the contents.

Thank you in advance.
Have a nice day everybody. :-)

Kind Regards,
   Martin Thanning

Jysk Fynske Medier P/S



Hi Simen

  Thanks for your post / reply Stians thread does not answer my question but it is rather useful in other contexts.

Kind Regards,
   Martin Thanning


Av: Martin Thanning 25. nov 2019

Hi Martin,

sorry - I was a bit fast reading your question.

I don't think that the template is editable.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 25. nov 2019