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Remove timer from message

One of our online customers has asked me to remove the timer from messages in service.

In the CK editor element I can remove the timer by setting "hasTimeSpent = false" in the simple values tab.

However, if the user clicks one of the buttons above the message, e.g. "Reply" then the timer appears nevertheless:

Quick reply displays the timer

Is there a way to get rid of the timer? If so, how?


RE: Remove timer from message

Hi Mark,

Have you tried changing the Registry table with reg_id

Start the timer automatic when entering a message

to value 0.

After you have to restart net server.


Av: Gustaf Cullin 2. mai 2017

RE: Remove timer from message

That would probably just make things worse for Marc :) He wants to get rid of it totally, not start it automatically.

The timer doesn't even work - the value set isn't saved when you submit the message.

One possible way to get rid of it is to add an HTML element to the screen which includes a javascript that hides the control.

Av: Frode Lillerud 2. mai 2017