The Cirrus-project


During expander world there was a demo of the Cirrus-project. 
I was wondering if this is still 'alive', and if it will be developed/updated frequently?
I see the project is 'alive' but nothing has really happened in the last 5-6 months: 
Having an external editor for CRMscripts is really neat!

Is there any plans/ideas regarding doing something ground-breaking for Custom Screens as well? 
I know this is probably a lot harder but maybe there is some things in development/pipeline that could be nice to know about (?)


RE: The Cirrus-project

Cirrus is an on-going research project - end date March 2020:

Av: Margrethe Romnes 13. mai 2019

RE: The Cirrus-project

Hi Eivind,

There are no specifications or current plans to enhance the VS Code extension today. I do have some personal optimization plans to the current code, but that is all for now.

It is a community effort at this point, so feel free to fork it and enhance it to your hearts desire. We accept pull requests. 

Best regards!

Av: Tony Yates 13. mai 2019

RE: The Cirrus-project

Aha, great!

I see it 'only' works for OnlineCRM, would be great with onsite-support as well so I'll test it out and see where i end up. 

Thanks again! :)


Av: Eivind Johan Fasting 13. mai 2019