Add a new layout for a user group

Oppdatert på 7. jun 2022

If the default screen layout doesn’t reflect the needs of a user group, you can create a new layout to match the user group’s unique information needs. A customised layout for the contact and company card lets your teams and organisation work more efficient.

A customised layout for the Contact and Company cards/screens lets your teams and organisation work more efficiently, as it eliminates the distracting “information noise”.

For example, if your Support team rarely uses the company address when they communicate with companies and contacts, you will want to make space for other fields that are more important on the first page (the Company tab). As we don’t want the address field on the first page, move it by clicking on the bars on the left side of the field and drag it over to the “More” tab.

Click the Add button to create a new screen layoutClick Add to create a new layout

Add a new layout and fill in the descriptionSet correct name and the user groups to use this layout

Watch this video and find out how add a new layout or follow the step-by-step guide below (the video will start at 5:37)