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Oppdatert på 3. jun 2022

An empty CRM database won't help you manage your contacts. By importing your customer data all in one go using our import feature, you can quickly start managing your customer relationships in SuperOffice CRM.

Create an import file using the Excel template

To make it easier for you to import contacts, we have created an import template you can download and use to import. In this Excel spreadsheet, we've set up the basic data fields in columns, and all you have to do is copy your contact details into the right cells.

Download the import template for companies and contacts [Excel spreadsheet]

Download the import template for products [Excel spreadsheet]

Three tips to create the import file:

  1. Some of the fields in SuperOffice CRM are mandatory. When you import companies and contacts, make sure to include the columns Category, Business, and Contact/company number in your import file. When you import product information, add Product Code, List price and Name.
  2. If you want to import several contacts from a company, you need to add one row for each contact person and add the same company name to all the rows.
  3. Keep in mind that the quality of the data you import determines the quality of your CRM data. We recommend that you go through your data and clean the import file before you start. Imports with huge amounts of data can be quite an exercise to clean up if things go wrong.

Tip: For larger and complex imports, we always recommend using of one of our skilled consultants to ensure that the quality of the data you import into SuperOffice CRM is at its best.

Choosing settings for your import

Adjusting the import settings will save you time and make it easier to import your data correctly. Here are two examples of what you should consider before you import your contact or product information:

  • You can define what the system should do if you import contacts that already exist in SuperOffice CRM. The system can overwrite or skip updating – it’s your choice.
  • You can choose to have the system create new categories automatically, if you use a category that doesn’t exist in SuperOffice CRM in your import file.
  • Configure import settings

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