Import contacts to SuperOffice CRM

Oppdatert på 3. jun 2022

You can import your customer data in one go using Excel, Outlook, Gmail, or your ERP Synchronizer in SuperOffice CRM. In this how-to guide you’ll learn how you can import all your prospect, customers and their contacts.

Before you start importing contacts

Before you start your import, we recommend you to take a look at the import template we’ve created. You can download this template to create your import file. In this Excel spreadsheet, we've arranged the basic data fields into columns. All you have to do is copy your contact details into the right cells.

Download the contact import template [Excel spreadsheet]

Preview of an import file (Excel):

Example of import file in ExcelUsing an import file is the best way to import all your contacts into SuperOffice CRM

Watch this video to learn how to import your contacts in to SuperOffice CRM using our import template (video length - 4:02):



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