Edit the privacy confirmation email

Oppdatert på 22. apr 2022

According to the GDPR, individuals have the “right to be informed”. This means that they are entitled to be notified either in advance or within 30 days after that their personal details have been collected. In this how-to guide you will learn how to edit the privacy confirmation email.

The GDPR stipulates that individuals are entitled to be informed (a) that an organisation intends to store their personal data, and (b) what the organisation intends to use their data for.

How to edit the privacy confirmation email

You can create and add as many privacy confirmation emails as you need in the Settings and Maintenance module of SuperOffice CRM.

There you can also add the same email template in as many languages as you need.

Note: The privacy confirmation e-mail template is a email template, which is created and edited in a similar way as document templates in Settings and maintenance.

Editing the default privacy confirmation e-mail template:

  1. Go to Settings and maintenance and click on Lists. Find the Email template list and the template for “Privacy confirmation e-mail”.
  2. Double click to open the Edit list item dialogue where you can change the name, description and so on.
  3. Next, click on the Edit button to open the HTML editor where you can change the email content. When you are finished editing, click Save.
  4. Click Save again to return to the Email template list.

When you have completed these steps, the new edited version is ready and can be used immediately.

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