Template variables in SuperOffice CRM

Oppdatert på 22. aug 2022

A personalised message is always received better than a generic message. That’s why one of the greatest benefits of using a CRM solution is the possibility to easily personalise your content and communication.

On this page, we’d like to share all the SuperOffice template variables available to you. You can also find them from Help (click F1) inside your SuperOffice CRM solution.

Template variables

With template variables you can personalise and automate the input of customer data (or data from contact, sale and other) into your content.


There are some Quote variable not updated in the template variables:

  • <quid> Quote ID

Quote template variables

When using quote and products in SuperOffice, you need to set up quote templates and the variables is found in a pdf that also shows how to work with quote templates. 

The templates for quote documents, quote details and order confirmations differ from ordinary document templates, as they use "mergefields" in addition to standard template variables.

Service and Marketing template variables

When generating e-mail templates for requests and mailings (and message templates) in Marketing, you can personalise the e-mail or mailing with template variables. Those variables are slightly different from the ones used in documents. 



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