Edit a list item

Oppdatert på 20. okt 2021

Every day you use different lists to save specific customer information. Examples of lists are: activity types, customer categories, business types, and many more. In this how-to guide you’ll learn how to edit a list item.

The lists in SuperOffice CRM are designed to fit most businesses, but some companies may want to create their own. You can tailor each list in the system to meet your needs.

By changing the list of categories, for example, it will be easier for your users to adopt your CRM solution, because they will recognise the categories they are accustomed to.

SuperOffice CRM contains a lot of lists that you can customise. There are, by default, some items available in all lists. You can add new list items and deactivate unnecessary ones.

Watch this video to learn how you can edit list items is SuperOffice CRM (video length - 2:05):