Customise your sales lists

Oppdatert på 22. apr 2022

SuperOffice CRM is designed to support the sales types common for most businesses, yet there are still some companies that may want to create their own. Learn how to edit your sales lists in this how-to guide.

Depending on the type of business your company is in, you can tailor the system by creating the sales lists you need.

Customise the sales lists

For example, you can customise all the main lists to reflect the stages you use in your sales process. You can also add new list itmes or deactivate the unnecessary ones. There are, by default, several items in the lists.

Have a look at the following lists, to see whether you want to change them or not:

  • Sale - Source
  • Sale - Stage
  • Sale - Type Category
  • Sale - Type, Stages, Quote

Watch this video to see how you can edit your sales lists to make them fit the way you work. The example used in this video is of the Company - Category list which has similar setup as Sale - Stage (video length - 2:05):