Change user plans for active users

Oppdatert på 28. mar 2022

When people take on new tasks or get a new job in your company, you may need to change their user plan. In this how-to guide, you will learn how to change a user plan for active users.

You can give users the access to new sets of functionalities by changing their user plan in the Settings and maintenance section.

Tip: Provide the user with the necessary training and follow-up on their progress, so that they adopt the new features faster.

How to change user plans

User settings in SuperOffice CRM where you change user plansUser settings in SuperOffice CRM where you change user plans

  1. In Settings and maintenance, click Users.
  2. In the window for associates choose the active user who needs his/her user plan to be changed.
    Make sure that he/she has the right Role and belongs to the right Primary group.
  3. In the field for User plan, choose the desired user plan.
  4. Click Save.

Next time the user logs into SuperOffice CRM, the user will be updated with the new functions and features available.