Set up a sales guide

Oppdatert på 3. jun 2022

The sales guide will help you and your colleagues stay in control of all sales processes by structuring and standardising your sales routines.

You can set up a sales guide for each sales type supporting all the different sales processes your company uses. As a result, your sales reps can follow an outline and structured process that consists of best practices and step-by-step activities to make sure no sales opportunity is missed.

By default, some of the sales types have sales guides available that you can use as inspiration. Or you can edit them to fit your needs. All sales guides will have a few sales stages. Each stage has a name, a probability percentage and a description.

Each stage can contain follow-up activities and documents that are relevant for this particular stage in the sales process. You can add and/or remove these activities and documents.

Create a sales guide in five stepsTo create your own sales guide, go to Workflow, click on the Sales guide tab, find the Sale type and click Add or Delete on follow-ups and documents to customise the sales guide

When you set up your own sales guide you can determine the stages as well as activities and documents necessary for each stage.

The best way to define your own workflow is, first and foremost, to discuss and agree on the best practices in your sales process. You can set up multiple sales types with guides if your company uses more than one sales process.

For example, you can have a sales type with guide for prospects, for existing customer and one for long-term sales processes that contain many stages and activities.