App Store for SuperOffice

Oppdatert på 2. nov 2021

In SuperOffice App Store you can discover ways to connect the systems you already use so you can improve your workflows, data quality and data insights.

Our App Store offers an array of apps that can help you improve personal productivity, enhance and ease collaboration between teams and departments, and enjoy a shared and easy access to key business information.

For example, you can download an app from the SuperOffice App Store to connect your ERP system to your CRM database so customer data is always automatically synchronised and updated. This will also help your sales and accounts teams to have clearer visibility into all stages of the sales process and you can enjoy better management of inventory and quotes. An app integrating your CRM and an ERP system will also mean faster credit checks, billing, and refund processes.

To make it easier for you to find the apps that you need, we have defined several categories of apps in the SuperOffice App Store, such as:

  • New or updated apps
  • Email, document & calendar
  • Digital signature
  • Business Intelligence & reporting
  • Prospecting & data quality
  • Integration tools
  • CTI
  • Productivity
  • Email marketing & SMS
  • ERP
  • Quotations

Expand your SuperOffice CRM capabilities today – visit the App Store now. The possibilities are endless.

A quick glance of the App Store: