Be efficient with chat replies

Oppdatert på 13. des 2021

To make sure that you offer quick and professional answers to your customers’ chat queries, SuperOffice Chat offers a number of options to speed up and improve your chat replies. In this how-to guide, you’ll learn how to send FAQs and files, use reply templates, as well as create and send quick replies in SuperOffice Chat.

Save time by using pre-defined texts when answering customer queries through chat. You can create and send a quick reply to a commonly asked question. In other situations, where quick replies aren’t sufficient, you can include FAQs, files or customised reply templates.

Chat Add text from FAQ, reply templates or Quick replies
From the button for add predefined text, you can choose text from FAQ, Reply templates and Quick replies

Follow the guided steps below:

  • Send FAQs, reply templates and quick replies in a chat
  • Create a quick reply
  • Send files in chat