Join a video meeting

Oppdatert på 1. sep 2022

There are three ways you can join a video meeting in SuperOffice CRM: from a notification pop-up, in an appointment, or in the side panel preview. 

On the notification pop-up

If the host of the meeting has set up notifications for the meeting, SuperOffice CRM will warn you by showing a notification pop-up before your meeting is about to begin. You can click the Join Meeting button in the pop-up to automatically start your video meeting.

In the appointment

You can also join the video meeting by opening the appointment in your diary and clicking the Join Meeting button at the bottom of the appointment.

When you click the link, your video meeting will automatically start.

Tip: When not using video meeting url, but have another video url, simply add it to the Location field and it's easy for any using Mobile CRM to click Location to connect to the video meeting on the go.

In the side panel preview

Click on the appointment in your SuperOffice diary to view its details in the preview screen in the side panel.

(Enable the preview by selecting it from the drop-down menu at the top of the side panel).

To join the video meeting via the preview screen, just click the Join Meeting button at the bottom of the side panel. After you click it, your video meeting will automatically start.

Learn how to join a video meeting with this video by follow the steps (video length - 1:11): 



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