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Connect your emails and documents to SuperOffice CRM.

Connecting your email and your documents to SuperOffice CRM will help you work more effectively and make it easier to collaborate with your colleagues. Learn which integration options you need based on your operating system, email client, and the document programs you use in this how-to guide.

Save email in SuperOffice CRM

With SuperOffice it is easy to save important emails in your CRM database. Just hit the archive button in your email client, and the email integration will let you save the message on any company, contact, activity, sale, or project in your database for easy access.

How to archive your email

Tip: Look through your recent emails. Are any relevant to others in your company? Try and archive these emails on relevant company cards in SuperOffice. If colleagues ask for information from one of these emails, just ask them to look up the relevant contact card and find your email on the Activities tab.

Watch this video to see how you can better manage your inbox and share information more efficiently, when connecting your emails and documents to SuperOffice CRM (video length - 3:20):

Ready to get connected? Choose your operating system below to learn how to connect your email and document management programs. Once you know which tools you need, jump to the installation how-to guide and follow the steps.

  • 1. Windows OS with Microsoft Outlook & Microsoft Office
    • Email and documents

      SuperOffice Web Tools connects your email and your documents to your CRM. Web Tools consists of two components: Mail Link and Web Extensions.

      Download SuperOffice Web Tools to connect your email and your documents. Web Tools will connect your Microsoft Outlook inbox to SuperOffice CRM, so you can easily attach documents from your CRM, and archive communication into your CRM through the SuperOffice CRM ribbon.

      You can also send emails and documents directly from the CRM interface by right-clicking on a contact or clicking an email address on a Contact card (also called Contact screen). Either of these actions will automatically send an email or a document from your Outlook.

      Web Tools will also connect your Microsoft document management system with SuperOffice CRM. You will be able to open and edit Microsoft Office documents directly in SuperOffice CRM.

      Enable SuperOffice for Outlook and you can work effortlessly between your Outlook 365 and SuperOffie CRM solution, by letting you access key information and features from SuperOffice directly in your email.

      Install Web Tools for Windows OS

      Enable SuperOffice for Outlook

      Enable SharePoint document integration

  • 2. Mac OS with any email client and Microsoft Office
    • Email

      Even if you use Outlook for Mac, it is not possible to have a two-way integration with your email client.

      The SuperOffice Inbox is an alternative way to connect your email to your SuperOffice CRM. Mirror your email into the SuperOffice inbox to easily save selected email communication on relevant Contact cards in SuperOffice CRM.

      Set up SuperOffice Inbox


      Installing Web Tools for Mac will allow you to connect your Microsoft documents with SuperOffice CRM. You will be able to open and edit Microsoft Office documents directly from SuperOffice CRM.

      Install Web Tools for Mac OS

Various cloud applications

If you’re using any of the services below, please find the application you need in our App Store.

  • Connect your Gmail
    • Save incoming and outgoing emails and documents from your Gmail account directly in SuperOffice CRM. By adding the Gmail Link web extension to a browser of your choice, you can integrate your Gmail account with SuperOffice.

      Enable Gmail Link

  • Connect your Google Workspace documents
    • This app integrates Google Workspace’s document management function so that you can create, store, and find your documents in SuperOffice CRM.

      Sign in to SuperOffice CRM using your Google Workspace login details and enjoy the benefits of the single sign-on and two-factor authentication.

      Enable Google Workspace document integration

Note: You may need administrative rights to your computer, depending on your organisation’s security settings, in order to make system connections.
* If you are in a terminal server environment, for example using a Citrix connection, your IT team will need to make the connections for you.



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