Enable SuperOffice Gmail Link

Oppdatert på 6. jan 2023

SuperOffice Gmail Link app connects your Gmail account to SuperOffice CRM and helps you work more productively with emails. Learn how to install the browser extension for Gmail in this how-to guide.

The Gmail Link connection will make it easy to:

  • save incoming and outgoing emails and attachments from your Gmail account to your SuperOffice CRM,
  • offers easy-to-follow wizards that help you create a new company, contact or email address in your SuperOffice CRM database, if the sender is not unknown,
  • create diary activities in SuperOffice CRM or customer service requests in SuperOffice Service based on emails in Gmail.

Watch this video to learn how to set up your Gmail link and connect your Gmail account to SuperOffice (video length - 2:53):

How to install Gmail Link:

  1. Go to the app entry for Gmail Link in the SuperOffice App Store.
  2. Click on Install and choose which browser you want to install the extension for.
    • Chrome: If you choose Chrome, you will be taken to the Chrome Web Store. There, you click the Add to Chrome button and confirm that you want to add this extension.
    • Firefox: If you choose Firefox, the Firefox browser installer will open and ask you to allow the browser plugin for Firefox. Confirm by clicking Continue to installation.
  3. The final step for either browser is to log into your SuperOffice CRM account. SuperOffice and Gmail will automatically detect that the extension has been added.