Install WebTools for Windows

Oppdatert på 11. okt 2022

If you are using Windows OS, you need WebTools to integrate your Outlook and Microsoft Office document applications with SuperOffice CRM. Learn how to download and install SuperOffice WebTools in just a few simple steps.

What the integration does

WebTools consists of two components: Mail Link (email plugin) and Web Extensions (document plugin):

  • Mail Link connects your Outlook to SuperOffice CRM so you can attach documents from your CRM, and archive communication into your CRM through the SuperOffice CRM ribbon. You can also send emails from the CRM interface by right-clicking on a contact or clicking an email address on a Contact card/screen. This will automatically open an email in Outlook.
  • Web Extensions connect your Windows document management system with SuperOffice CRM. You will be able to open and edit Microsoft Office documents directly in SuperOffice CRM.

How to install WebTools for Windows OS

Watch this video or follow the guide below to learn how to install WebTools for Outlook using Windows OS (video length - 3:00):

  • SuperOffice WebTools

Check points before installing:

  • You may need administrative rights to SuperOffice CRM, depending on your organisation's security settings, in order to make systems connections.
  • For Office 365 connections, you will need to also check your rights in the Office 365 environment.
  • If you are using a Citrix connection, your IT team will need to make the connections for you.
  • WebTools consists of two components: Mail Link and Web Extensions.



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