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Learn how to search and find data in SuperOffice CRM with just a few clicks by using any of the three search tools.

The three ways to search for data in SuperOffice CRM are:  

  • FastSearcher
  • The Find button
  • Freetext search field

Using FastSearcher

FastSearcher can be found either in the Navigator menu by pressing on the company, contact, sales, project or selection to open a search field, or within pop-up dialogs to search for companies, contacts, sales, projects and selections. It will quickly make you a list that match your search words and it’s a great feature to check your database for possible duplicates before adding a new company or contact.

  • Using fast searcher

In SuperOffice CRM, typing in UBC in the fastsearchUse the FastSearcher to navigate quick and easy in the Navigator

Using the Find button 

The Find button is located in the top bar, and it helps you find records based on any criteria from companies, contacts, projects, selections, sales, products, follow-ups, documents and requests.

  • Find in SuperOffice CRM

Click the Find button in the top bar to get to the Find screen
Click the Find button in the top bar to get to the Find screen

Using freetext search

Use freetext search field in the upper-right corner to search for any text that users have entered into SuperOffice CRM.

  • Freetext search

Search with the freetext search field for any text users have entered into SuperOffice CRM.
You will find the Freetext search to the right in the top bar 

Tip: Want to see a list of all your contacts? Click on the Selections icon in the left-side navigator panel and search for “All Contacts” to see a preconfigured selection.

FastSearch tips

If you type a percent sign (%) in front of the search text, all records which contain the search text are displayed. For example, if you type %joh, both "Johnson Plumbing" and "Peter Johnson" are shown.

  • By using the % sign in your search term, you can search for any part of a title in all records, instead of an exact match. Example: You want to find a contact whose last name is Galifianakis. However, you don’t remember how to spell his last name. If you type %galif in the search field, SuperOffice CRM will find all possible matches to your search word.

Use the percentage sign to search for all records containing your search text.
Use the percentage sign in the FastSearcher

  • You can also use %% to see all records in a certain module, like all companies, all selections, all projects. If, for example, you want to see all the document templates available in SuperOffice CRM, go to the +New menu and click Document. In the top field in the document screen, which indicates types of document templates, type %%. You will then see a drop-down list that includes the full list of document templates available.  

Typing double percentage sign in the fastsearcher in a document screen
Type in two percentage signs in the FastSearcher to see all records

Tip: To be more accurate in your search, you can use the characters from the overview in Wildcard Characters in SQL Server, like % _ - ^ [].



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