User guide for SuperOffice Marketing

Oppdatert på 26. okt 2021

The features for marketing includes mailings and web forms, and help users to gather information and to communicate better with prospects and customers. Combined, they can help you generate more leads, sell more to existing customers, and build customer loyalty.

This set of how-to guides – User guide for SuperOffice Marketing – contains information that will help you prepare, send and analyse your marketing messages, as well as set up forms and process them.

Wacth this product tour video and get an introduction to the SuperOffice Marketing features (video length - 2:31):

Are you ready to explore?

Just dive into these how-to guides that will cover the key features and processes in SuperOffice Marketing.

Necessary skills: To benefit from SuperOffice marketing features, you need a basic understanding of how to register basic CRM data, such as categories on company and contacts, interests and subscription types on contacts (read more about GDPR and privacy), and how to use selections. These steps of registering data help you segment your customer base and create an effective target list. If you want to know how to configure marketing related functions, please see the section for Manage lists in Settings and maintenance.