Add an image to a mailing

Oppdatert på 21. okt 2021

Using carefully chosen images in your mailings can make a powerful impact on your results. You can upload your own images, or use one of the millions of images powered by Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay in the online image library.

You can upload any image you wish to use, directly from your desktop, use an image that is already uploaded in the mailing editor, or choose from the online image library (by choosing Images from the main section).

Insert image from online image library
Insert image with drag and drop from the online image library

It’s time to add an image to the mailing message and make it more inviting to recipients. For example, if you are launching a new product, you will want to show it to your customers.

  • Insert images in the message

You can add an action to an image in the mailing editor after you click on the imageOnce you have added an image, you can add properties, such as a certain action, when the image is clicked on in the mailing

In our mailing editor you can also resize your images or add effects to make sure the image is optimal for your mailing and brand design. Learn how you can resize your image.

Does your mailing editor look different? See how to include insert an image in the old mailing editor.