Add merge tags

Oppdatert på 21. okt 2021

There’s nothing better than a personal touch in business. To personalise your communication, you can use merge tags (also called template variables) to insert customer-specific information into your mailing. Learn how to add merge tags to your mailing in this how-to guide.

Merge tags come in many forms: those might be the customer's first name, their company name, salutation, the name of the salesperson the customer was dealing with, etc. In other words, merge tags are your easy-to-use tools to personalise the content for each individual customer.

  • Use merge tags in messages

Click the relevant text and choose Merge tags to customise your mailingPersonalise the mailing by adding Merge tags to the text fields

Does your mailing editor look different? See how to use template variables in messages with the old mailing editor.