Use links to automate different actions

Oppdatert på 2. jun 2022

You can speed up your work by processing the responses you get from a mailing with automated link actions. In this how-to guide you’ll learn how to use links in mailings to automate actions.

Imagine that your mailing has been a great success. Over 500 people have opened your message and clicked on the links you included. The task ahead of you is to process all these responses from your recipients. Think about the amount of time this would take if you had to do it manually.

Update your database

Depending on the goal and the call-to-action you use in your mailing you can update information in your database. When a person clicks the link in your mailing, SuperOffice CRM will do one of the following:

  • Give a custom response or redirect to web page,
  • Add a contact to a specific project or a selection,
  • Update a contact’s interest,
  • Add information to a field in the Contact card,
  • Create a follow-up activity for a contact,
  • Create a customer service request for a contact,
  • Execute a script.

Some of this information will help you segment your database even better, while other information will help you follow up on people that have shown an interest in your message.

Save time with automated link actions

Manually updating 500 contact cards will take you quite some time and is really unnecessary.

Instead, let’s automate this process by using automated link actions.

Examples of automated link actions in use:

  • When a recipient clicks on your call-to-action link, SuperOffice CRM automatically adds him or her to a selection or a project.
  • Alternatively, SuperOffice CRM automatically updates relevant information, such as interests, on the contact’s card.

By automating these tasks, you save a lot of time you would otherwise spend on handling responses. When the reader clicks a link in your mailing, the system performs the link actions for you!

You can use the information you’ve gathered in this mailing in a number of ways:

  • Automatically generate a selection based on people who clicked a specific link. Then, send a targeted follow-up mailing to this particular group with a tailored message.
  • Add follow-up activities to your team members’ diaries so that they could personally follow up on contacts that have responded.
  • Generate service requests for your customer service team to pick up on and investigate the matter.

Open the Link properties dialog to create a follow up action for the link in the mailing.Define your link actions

How to define a link action

Don’t waste time on manually following up on your contacts after a mailing has been sent, use automated link actions to simplify your work. Follow the guide below to learn how to add a tracked link and define your link actions:



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