Handle bounced emails

Oppdatert på 26. okt 2021

There are many reasons why email addresses bounce. Your contacts change jobs, an email addressed was misspelled, and even temporary faults in the customer’s infrastructure are the typical reasons why mailings bounce. Learn how to handle bounced emails in this how-to guide.

You can handle bounced emails for either one specific mailing or for all mailings on the Blocked email address tab.

Soft and hard bounces

There are two types of bounces:

  • Hard bounces. A hard bounce is when your mailing can’t be delivered permanently, because the email address doesn’t exist, the domain doesn’t exist (anymore) or the recipients email server has blocked the delivery. Updating the email address will solve the problem.
  • Soft bounces. A soft bounce occurs when there is a temporary delivery issue. SuperOffice CRM will try to send the mailing again several times to deliver it when an email bounces. Only when the email can’t be delivered after several times, it will be registered as a hard bounce.

Use the filter buttons: Sent, Bounced and Opened to filter you recipients list. Once you’ve selected all contacts where the mailing bounced, you can gather them in a selection or project using the action menu button in the bottom-left corner.

You can filter the bounced emails when you click on the Filter icon and in the Action menu you can choose what to do with them.Filter your bounced emails and choose what to do with them

After the mailing has been sent

Follow the steps below to learn how to work with the recipient list after the mailing has been sent and how to manage bounces. 

  • Work with the recipient list after the mailing
  • Manage bounces