Analyse your mailing results

Oppdatert på 25. okt 2021

To decide whether a mailing was a success you need some numbers to compare it with. Learn how to analyse your mailing statistics in this how-to guide.

Did you know that the average open rate of a mailing across all industries is 21.33%?

This means that in general 1 out of 5 recipients will open and read your mailing. To see whether your mailing is above or below this average, you can analyse you mailing statistics per individual mailing.

Analyse your statistics

SuperOffice gathers all statistics and results for each mailing you send. By comparing the results of different mailings you’ll be able to see which subject line, type of content and links work best to engage and interest your recipients. These statistics will give you the information you need to improve your future mailings.

SuperOffice Marketing measures the effect of your mailing immediately. You’ll see the opening rate, the click-through rate for links, and which emails have bounced.

Determine your benchmark for success

When is your mailing successful? This question can be hard to answer if you haven’t sent mailings to your contacts with a professional mailing solution. Therefore, it is a good idea to send out a few “test” mailings from your mailing solution to determine your benchmark.

To improve your future mailings, you have to find out what works for your contacts. The easiest way to do this, is to divide the target groups of your first few mailings into two or more groups. Then send them the same mailing, where you change the subject line, your call-to-action or other parts of the mailing.

The statistics from each mailing will show you which mailing performed better, and will give you your benchmark. Then, you can compare any future mailings’ results with the benchmark you’ve set.

How to review your mailing results

Once your mailing is finished, you can see how your mailing performed in the Summary tab.

The Summary tab will give you the key information, such as:

  • Number of emails sent;
  • Open rate;
  • Click-through rate;
  • Bounce rate;

After mailing is sent, check the Summary tab to get an overview over how well the mailing did
After mailing is sent, check the Summary tab to get an overview over how well the mailing did

In the Reports tab, you’ll find a number of useful graphs that give you more insights on how your mailing performed.

You’ll see all the links that were clicked and how many recipients clicked on each link you used. You’ll see how many recipients opened your mailing in the first 48 hours and when most people read it.

In addition, SuperOffice Marketing will show you the numbers of all the recipients based on their status. This means you’ll be able to see how many recipients read the mailing, how many bounced, and how many duplicates your mailing contained, among others.

The reports tab give you more insights on how your mailing performed
The Reports tab give you more insights on how your mailing performed

In the Tracked links tab, you’ll see how many times the links in your mailing have been clicked. When you click on one of the links, you’ll see a list of the recipients who have clicked the link and when they clicked them. Use this list to make a selection or a project for further follow-ups.

In the Mange bounces tab, you will see the overview of all bounced emails. It’s easy to use the actions to clean up your bouncing email addresses, either by setting the contacts as former employee or deleting the email addresses. See the guide on how to handle bounced emails.



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