Resend your mailing

Oppdatert på 25. okt 2021

If, after looking at the results of your mailing, you notice that a lot of the email addresses have bounced, this means these contacts didn’t receive your mailing. Once you have handled the bounced emails, it’s a good idea to resend your mailing. In this how-to guide we will explain how you can do that.

There are two ways you can resend your mailing.

Option 1 – Reload and resend

You can reload and resend your mailing in the Mailings tab. Find the mailing you wish to resend by searching for it or by going through the Recent or All tab.

In the bottom-right corner of the mailing you can click on the menu button. Here you can choose Reload and resend.

The menu button let you resend the mailing from your folder.Using the menu button, you can resend your mailing directly from the folder where you saved it

Once you click Reload and resend, SuperOffice Marketing will update the recipients list that was used in the same mailing before. Overwriting all the email addresses that you’ve changed or added to the selection you have used as your recipients list.

The system will only send the mailing to those recipients who haven’t received it yet.

Once the mailing is sent, you can go into the mailing and see the new results in the Summary and Recipients tab.

Option 2 – Resend to selected

Start by opening the mailing you wish to resend and go to the Recipients tab.

Here you can filter and select the recipients with the status Bounced and Sent, for example.

You can filter the recipients list by using the filter button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. And you can select the recipients you want to resend your mailing to by clicking the box in the far-left column of the recipients list.

Filter the contact status with bounded and sent to see which mailing you need to resend. Select the contacts and click resend to selected in the action menuTo resend a mailing, you can filter the status of the contacts by clicking the Filter button in the bottom-right corner, and select them in the column on the left-hand side

Once you’ve selected all the recipients, click on the Actions button and select Resend to selected.

SuperOffice Marketing will now send your mailing to all the selected recipients.



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