Setup: Create your mailing

Oppdatert på 26. okt 2021

When you’ve completed the necessary preparations, which includes creating your target list and preparing your mailing template, then you’re ready to create a new mailing in SuperOffice CRM. Learn how to do it in this guide.

You can create your new mailing in the Marketing screen in the Mailings tab. Click on the Create mailing button and you will get to the first step where you can set up your mailing.

Here, it’s important to make important decisions about your:

  • Subject line,
  • Sender,
  • The type of mailing you want to send.

First, your subject line affects the opening rates of your mailing. People determine whether they are going to open and read your email based on your subject line. So make sure your subject line stands out.

Second, the sender also plays a part in the opening rates. People are more likely to open your email if they recognise the sender’s name. You control how the sender appears by specifying the sender’s name and email address like this: “Name”<>

And finally, the type of mailing you want to use. When you choose your mailing type, SuperOffice CRM will safeguard that you don’t send your mailing to the people who didn’t subscribe to the mailing you are about to send.

If you use Google Analytics to analyze traffic and user behavior on your website, you can connect your mailings to your Google Analytics reports.



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