Broaden your search using the “OR” function

Oppdatert på 20. des 2021

The Find feature allows you to perform a search by combining search criteria with the value operator “OR” between them. This way you can search for two sets of independent data and save it in one selection. See how you can use the OR function to broaden your search in this guide. 

Let’s take a look at some practical examples of how you can use the OR function. You can search for all customers who bought “Product A” and customers who didn’t buy “Product B” to boost your cross-sales. Or you can search for all large customers based in Liverpool or Manchester, so you can contact them about an upcoming event in one of these cities.

Watch this video to learn how to create a search using the OR function (video length - 4:08): 

Use result to perform tasks

The list of search results you create can be used to perform several tasks, such as:

  1. Send a mailing and create activities;
  2. Manage the information in your selection;
  3. Print out or export your data;
  4. Delete the information in your selection from your CRM database.

You can perform actions against your selection using the task menuA list of possible tasks you can use your search result for

As with any search you can save your search results as a dynamic or a static selection.



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