Create a search and save it as a selection 

Oppdatert på 20. des 2021

A selection is a list of data that shares one or more search criteria. It can be later used to perform a number of actions. In this guide we will explain how you can create a search and save it as a selection.  

A selection is a great tool to extract useful information from your CRM database. It helps you find information based on criteria you choose and places the information in a list for further action.

For example, as a sales manager, you may want to see a list of all sales over €5,000 that are ready to be closed each month. Or maybe you are a consultant and want a list of all the projects you are involved in. Or, you work in marketing and need a list of all customers that have signed up for your monthly newsletter.

Creating a selection starts by performing a search. You can use a typical search and/or build your own search by adding the search criteria you need. Once you’ve found the information you were looking for, you can save your search results as a selection.

Save a search result as a selection

There are three ways to save you search results as selection:  

  1. Create a static selection. A static selection is a list of records that will not change until you add or delete content from this list manually. This means you have full control over your selection.
  2. Create a dynamic selection. A dynamic selection is a list of records that is always up to date. Any entry in your database that matches your selection criteria is automatically added to your selection.
  3. Add to existing static selection. You can add all the records you found in your search to an existing static selection, instead of creating a new selection.

Watch this video or follow the steps below to learn how you can create a search and save it as a dynamic selection (video length - 1:26):



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