Create and publish FAQs for your Knowledge Base

Oppdatert på 13. des 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are an important part of service request handling. Since many customer inquiries repeat over time, it’s a good idea to create FAQs that contain answers to such recurring questions.

There are many advantages to having an FAQ library.

  • FAQs can be made available in your Customer Centre, where customers can search for answers themselves.
  • FAQs speed up the work of support agents, who can quickly add links to FAQ entries when replying to customer inquiries.
  • FAQs is a great way to send your customers precise and quality-assured answers. 

Watch this video and find out how to create and publish FAQs in the Customer Centre in SuperOffice Service or follow the step-by-step guide below (video length - 3:01):

  • Create FAQ entries

Note: You need Knowledge base as functional right to create reply templates and FAQs. 

How to navigate to the FAQ entry window

  1. In SuperOffice Service, go to the navigator on the left-hand side and click the Knowledge Base button.
  2. In the drop-down menu, choose FAQ.
  3. Click the New entry button.

Two steps to navigate to the FAQ entry windowYou’ll find the FAQ screen in the Knowledge Base drop-down menu