Reply to a request on your mobile device

Oppdatert på 6. apr 2022

Mobile CRM gives you access to the most essential features of SuperOffice Service on a smartphone and tablet. Handling customer requests in the Mobile CRM app allows you to stay in control of customer service no matter where you are. In this how-to guide, you’ll learn how to reply to a request in Mobile CRM.

Open the Mobile CRM app, select Requests from the Navigator menu and choose between the different lists: Search (includes history list), Favourites, Open requests, Unassigned requests, and Selection.

You have several options in the Request screen:

  • The Action bar allows you to reply to the customer, call the customer connected to the request, and view details info to change the status on the request, add tags and change category.
  • The Task menu lets you take pictures and add them as attachments to a message, change request status, assign request to other users with Set owner, and reply to and add comments to a request.

Watch this video to learn how to handle customer service requests in Mobile CRM (video length – 1:31):

With the Mobile CRM app, you can perform the most essential tasks of solving request directly on your mobile device

Tip: You can get notifications in Mobile CRM for different statuses: New requests, New request message, Request activated and Request escalation.