What is "SuperOffice Web Tools" and what does it do?

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What is "SuperOffice Web Tools" and what does it do? 

SuperOffice Web Tools is a set of small programs installed on your computer which makes it easy to open, edit, and share important documents and emails with other SuperOffice users. The illustration below depicts Web Tools programs which are installed on a different type of SuperOffice Clients. Under the illustration, you will find a more detailed explanation about each of the programs.



  1. SuperOffice Windows application does not require Web Tools installation. Mail Link is being installed as default together with the SuperOffice Windows Application.
  2. SuperOffice Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Ribbons are being installed together with SuperOffice Windows Application. It is part neither of  Web Tools nor Mail Link.
  3. Web Tools for Mac is not the same as Web Tools for Windows. Read more about the differences below.
  4. There is no Mail Link for Mac. For Mac users, we recommend to use the SuperOffice Inbox or SuperOffice for Outlook.


SuperOffice Web Tools for Windows

The Web Tools installer on Windows computers consists of two applications - Web Extensions and Mail Link. Each of these applications allows you to perform different tasks and are visible in different places on your computer. 


Web Extensions is an application which you can access by double-clicking on SuperOffice CRM Owl in your Toolbar.

Web Extensions  is responsible for:

  1. Automatic downloading, locking, saving editions, and uploading of the documents from SuperOffice CRM.
  2. Displaying diary notifications (alarms).
  3. Enabling you to automatically login (1) to your SuperOffice CRM  from the Toolbar application (see in the screenshot above). This will open a new browser tab.
  4. Enabling the use and opening of SO Protocols by opening a context-specific SuperOffice CRM website after clicking on a SoProtocol (superoffice://…) link in mail addresses etc. Read more about SO protocols in Technical Documentation.


Mail Link is an Outlook Add-in application which you can find in you Outlook Ribbon after successfully installing and configuring Mail Link.

Mail Link is responsible for: 

  1. Archiving emails and attachments to SuperOffice from Outlook.
  2. Looking up for or allowing to create a new contact in SuperOfice CRM from Outlook.
  3. Allowing to attach documents from SuperOffice CRM when creating a new email in Outlook.
  4. Allowing to create email templates that can be used from SuperOffice CRM.
  5. Allowing to open the Outlook application from SuperOffice CRM.


SuperOffice Web Tools for Mac

Web Tools for Mac is an application that you can access by double-clicking on SuperOffice Owl in your Toolbar.

Web Tools for Mac are responsible for:

  1. Automatic downloading, uploading, and locking of the documents from SuperOffice CRM.
  2. Displaying diary notifications.
  3. Enabling you to automatically login (1) to your SuperOffice CRM from the Toolbar application (see in the screenshot above). This will open a new browser tab.
  4. Allowing to copy SuperOffice appointment to Calendar on Mac.
  5. Allowing to copy SuperOffice contacts to Contacts on Mac.


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