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SuperOffice Product Group

This group contains forums that pertain to SuperOffice products, their installation, upgrade, maintenance and usability issues.

Name Subscribers Oppdatert
31 How to insert/refer message from other r...
Av: Sverre Hjelm
3. aug 2020
15 Archive eMail: SoArcDocPlugin[GetDocumen...
Av: Andy Chaney
12. jun 2020
23 Do we save cookies when using Web Forms?
Av: Frode Berntsen
7. aug 2020
19 external url with variable
Av: Andy Chaney
12. jun 2020
18 Pocket CRM Email Settings now forces the...
Av: Birute Tarozaite
29. jan 2019
16 Technical downloads center gone, why?
Av: Karl Martin Andersen
5. mar 2020