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This group contains forums that pertain to SuperOffice products, their installation, upgrade, maintenance and usability issues.

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30 _target=blank stopped working in message...
Av: Stian Andre Olsen
17. jan 2020
16 IMPORTANT: the 8.9 R09 download has been...
Av: Erik Eide
10. jan 2020
20 Official support for Microsoft Edge (Chr...
Av: Henk Schepers
16. jan 2020
18 Identifier field in form elements in for...
Av: Donatas Sasnauskas
3. jan 2020
18 Creating projects in Pocket
Av: Alexander Wohland
19. nov 2019
17 Crmscript execution gives timeout for lo...
Av: David Hollegien
13. nov 2019